Water Leaking From Freezer But Everything Inside Is Still Frozen. What’s Going On?

Water Leaking From Freezer

When you notice water pooling beneath or near your freezer, it can send all sorts of thoughts through your mind. Many people begin calculating the cost of replacing the appliance or even estimating how much it will set them back to have it repaired. Before you do this, it’s good to remember that there could be a really simple explanation behind the perceived leak. Here are a few things that you can check before calling a technician.

Drain Pan

For the most part, the drain pan on your freezer will collect water slowly and it will usually evaporate before it reaches the top. In some cases, however, your drain pan may fill and even overflow. You should empty the drain pan if you notice that it is full and you may want to make a note of how quickly it fills up again.

Drain Hole

Inside your freezer, somewhere along the back wall panel, there is a drain hole. In some cases, this hole might be concealed. The hole can become frozen which prevents water from draining into the drain pan as it should. You will need to clear the ice or debris by flushing it out. You can use something like a turkey baster with hot water to help this process along.

Drain Tube

Sometimes the blockage can occur further down the line – in the drain tube itself. Hot water and the turkey baster trick can often do the trick. You may need to do this a few times before the ice melts completely and the tube is flushed clean. If the tube is completely frozen and the turkey baster method is not working, you can carefully use a hairdryer to warm up the drain tube and thaw the ice inside. In some cases, when the blockage is significant, it is best to remove the drain pipe and clean it out thoroughly before fitting it again. If ice blockages are a regular occurrence, you might want to invest in a drain tube heater.

Defrost Drain

Your freezer runs in cycles based on temperature and most freezers today have an automatic defrost cycle. When the defrost drain becomes clogged with debris or ice, it prevents the excess water from draining away and it will cause a leak. It’s a good idea to remove all of the drawers in your freezer so that you can get a better look at the drain and check if ice has built up around this area.

The good news is that, in most cases, a freezer leak is caused by a fairly minor problem and it is quite easy to resolve. That said, if you are unable to locate the cause of the leak or if it becomes a persistent problem, you should have a trained technician take a look. Not only can a technician help you save time when it comes to diagnosing the problem, but you can also prevent a lot of unnecessary damage over time. Persistent leaks will affect the structural integrity of your appliance eventually. Rust may occur along areas that are not usually in contact with water and this can make your freezer unpleasant to look at as well as less efficient.

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