Ovens – Should You Go Gas or Electric?

Gas Or Electric

Whether you are planning on replacing your existing oven or you are shopping around for your very first oven, you are probably wondering which one is best. Apart from choosing a design and brand, another main concern is whether to opt for gas or electric. Both options have their fair share of pros and cons which is why this is very much a personal choice. Before you buy, keep the following factors in mind.

The Pros of Gas Ovens

Quality of cooking: Gas ovens are known for producing a consistent flame, and this flame is easy to adjust and regulate. In addition, they are more efficient, and you can often cook faster using a gas oven. That said, gas ovens usually run hotter which results in additional moisture, and it’s important to turn your food frequently in order to prevent burning.

Cheaper cooking: Gas is cheaper than electricity and, since cooking is also quicker, you will spend that much less on each meal. That said, this cost is only lower if you already have a gas line connected to your home. If you do not have a gas line, this can prove to be an expensive modification to your home, and it might not be worthwhile immediately. In the long term, however, this kind of investment can pay off.

The Cons of Gas Ovens

Oven prices: Gas ovens are often more expensive than electric ovens. Again, the initial investment is significant but, over time, the amount you save can make it more than worthwhile. It’s all about short-term versus long-term spending.

Health concerns: Gas lines pose a certain risk in and of themselves. If your oven or the gas line leaks into your home, it can fill your home with toxic gas. If you are sleeping during a gas leak, it can have fatal results. If you are out and you come home to turn on the lights in a gas-filled room, it can result in an explosion. For this reason, proper ventilation is essential no matter how cold it might get in the winter.

The Pros of Electric Ovens

Added style: Electric ovens tend to look better. So, if you are trying to create a particularly modern kitchen, then an electric oven will be a better aesthetic fit. They usually have smoother surfaces which makes them more visually appealing since they line up better with your worktops and cabinets. This smooth style also makes them that much easier to clean.

Easy to use: Electric ovens can be turned on and off with just a button. You can set a particular temperature, and your oven will do the rest. When you need to preheat your oven to a certain temperature, you can simply set this temperature, wait, and watch. There is no need to guess and hope for the best.

More affordable: Electric ovens are cheaper than gas ovens. You don’t need any special modifications (like a gas line), and you can even move your oven if you become unhappy with its position. You are not dependent on a gas line, and all you need is a plug.

The Cons of Electric Ovens

Quality of cooking: Gas ovens tend to produce superior tasting meals. Electric ovens take longer to cook a meal and electricity costs more than gas. The lack of moisture while cooking is not great for baking. However, they are somewhat superior when it comes to roasting.

Power outages: If you don’t have power, you cannot cook. Gas ovens depend on a supply of gas but, in some cases, a backup gas bottle can be used (check with the stove manufacturer). With electric ovens, you have no choice but to wait for power to be restored. If you have a generator, it might not be powerful enough to power your oven.

Whether you choose a gas or electric oven for your home, it’s important to remember that any oven repairs should only be performed by trained and experienced professionals. Contact Express Appliance Repair at (289) 554-0768 for speedy electric oven repairs anywhere in Winnipeg.